Lifelight Entertainment


Lifelight Entertainment

Lifelight Entertainment is a video game development studio based in Dortmund. We were founded in 2021 and share a passion for all kinds of video games.


Managing Director & Project Manager

Alex might not win every match but his persistency lets him achieve his goals anyway. Apart from Dark Souls Achievement and Challenge Runs and dying permanently in Escape From Tarkov, he also spends a lot of time with Pen & Paper RPGs.

In addition to his role as a pen & paper game master, Bene is also a lover of RPGs on the PC or console, so every once in a blue moon he is drawn back to hardcore WoW raiding and new Path of Exile Leagues.




3D Artist / 2D Artist

Laura loves playing indie games and exploring new worlds. The new approaches and innovative tasks and puzzles in the indie genre keep her spellbound. She also appreciates a good story and character design.


3D Artist

If you’re looking for Mathis in his spare time, you’ll usually find him in Elder Scrolls Online or Final Fantasy XIV looting & levelling, at least when his cat Penny lets him.




Kamil is a huge multiplayer fan and plays a variety of different games, starting from Diablo 2 over Counterstrike, League of Legends up to the Warcraft series.


Would you kindly?

Our first project would you kindly? was developed for the GlobalStartupCities Game Jam 2020 in just 48 hours.

At the beginning, Sam is asked to get juice, an actually trivial task. Accompanied by a few jump’n’run passages, this develops into a tour of Sam’s small home village during which Sam meets and interacts with various villagers.

Would you kindly? was realised in the Unreal Engine and is freely available for download.

Crackin‘ Smackin

Problems in the stone age? There aren’t any problems a club can’t fix!

We are currently developing a unique multiplayer arena brawler with fully destructible maps. Grab your club and dive into the world of stone age diplomacy!


If you are interested in us or our projects, just send us an email to